Tangible Consulting Services straddles the worlds of urban planning and real estate development. With our broad-ranging expertise and analytical depth, we bring market context and development feasibility analysis to city plans and private development projects. We are real world oriented, and creative problem solvers. We focus on solutions for your unique context, and what it takes to achieve that vision.

To make it Tangible.

Areas of expertise


Land Use & Development Planning


Pro Forma Modeling


Neighborhood Stabilization / Revitalization



Market Analysis


Housing Strategy



Development Context Analysis


Economic Development Strategy


Economic/Fiscal Impact Analysis


What we do

Public Sector Projects

We support our public sector clients by providing market & development context, and implementation and economic development strategies.

Private Sector Projects

We support developers with site search, due diligence, entitlements, grant applications, financial modeling, and other services.


“We have found that Tangbile is focused on its clients, as they have been responsive and quick to provide alternatives when presented with challenges. However, I am most impressed by the firm’s ability to communicate ideas related to moving projects beyond the planning stages….Importantly, when working at the detailed level, Tangible has had a strong sense for when to bring in local partners and smaller landowners, to ensure that all voices are heard and have a chance to participate.” 

–Adam Fulton, Manager, Community Planning Division, City of Duluth

“As lead consultants, Tangible Consulting has covered nearly every aspect of support for the Twin Cities commercial/residential building I’m developing. From grant writing to marketing analysis and feasibility studies, pre-development Pro Forma modeling, support with lenders, and city advocacy, Mr. Leighton and his team have proven to be Minnesota’s finest consulting firm. All support has been delivered on time, in a thoughtful, organized, and detailed manner, with expertise.”

–Ibrahim Demmaj, Owner, Developer, 318 Lake Development

“During this process we were extremely happy with their professionalism, communication, quality of their work, and their dedication to the project as a whole. We were particularly pleased with their ability to work and talk with the general public, particularly those that had some serious concerns about the project or what it entailed.” 

– Timothy Acklin, Senior Planner, City of La Crosse, WI

“In my experience working with Tangible Consulting Services in this process, I found their team to be professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Tom Leighton’s approach in a variety of public meeting settings with various stakeholder groups created an atmosphere for an exchange of ideas and development of practical solutions for our community. In working with citizens and policymakers, Tangible provided expert information and a platform for discussion.”

–Angela Schumann, Community Development Director, City of Monticello

Let’s work together

Tangible Consulting Services is based in Minneapolis, MN.
We provide services to metropolitan cities and rural communities in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.