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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster real world positive change, through advancing high quality development and building vibrant places.  Bustling, attractive places are economically vibrant community assets, improving cities and neighborhoods, and attracting further investment.

We do that through developing actionable plans that are both aspirational and feasible—and by nurturing high quality development.

We put an intentional priority on laying the groundwork for implementation—outlining a clear program of action that addresses real world challenges, and engages key decision makers and implementation leadership.

Tom Leighton, Founder & Principal

Tom reflects the spirit of Tangible in being mission driven yet grounded.  He has unusual breadth in analytical frameworks for breaking down complex community development issues.  Yet he understands that building collaborations, and developing individual and organizational capacity, are just as critical for fostering desired change as having an optimal action plan.

During 15 years of service to the City of Minneapolis, Tom played a leadership role in advancing key community development priorities, goals and initiatives.  Since 2013, as Tangible’s Principal, he has supported public and private sector clients in advancing their own visions and goals.

Tom finds satisfaction in helping clients make clear-eyed decisions, and empowering them to advance impactful plans and projects.

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