Private Sector Services

Tangible advances development projects by offering a broad range of services to support developers in bringing projects to fruition.

We understand what it takes to move development projects from vision to completion. We have expertise in market analysis, development finance, entitlement processes, public finance for developments, and community engagement. Our broad knowledge base helps us to anticipate and overcome challenges, and to keep projects on track.

Bring us on early, to get our strategic perspective, and to walk with you through your project’s due diligence phase. Or bring us on as needed at any point in the development process. We commit to being your flexible and reliable partner while working with you to advance your project.

Market Studies

Credible market studies are needed for securing project financing. And market studies can inform critical decisions about unit mix, amenities, and quality of finishes. Tangible collaborates to deliver market studies that have the depth and innovation that is required by the developer and/or lender.

Project Management

Development requires attending to a wide array of tasks simultaneously as a project progresses. Tangible can provide overarching project management throughout a development process, or customized support as needed, ensuring that focus is maintained on all critical aspects of the project.

Development Finance

A detailed and clear financial model (pro forma) is a project decision tool, and is also needed for attracting investment partners, bank financing, and/or public subsidy. Tangible can create a project pro forma, and provide support in pursuing public funding.


Entitlement processes are time-consuming, and can take developers away from their core expertise. With frontline experience in development review, Tangible staff are efficient and effective in gaining project approvals.

Community Engagement

Community engagement must be done effectively in order to build and maintain project support, and keep it on schedule. Tangible works with the relevant community organizations to design and facilitate a structured but meaningful community review process.

Site Search

Identifying potential development sites is an art and a science. Tangible uses a combination of geographic data, and an eye for locational assets that are important to the target market, to identify and refine a menu of prospective sites.

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