Building a Vibrant Downtown Retail Destination:

Madison, WI

DETAILS Client: City of Madison
Collaborator: Perkins + Will
Year: 2016

Market Analysis
Development Context Research
Retail Vitality Strategy
Survey Research

Project Context

The retail areas in downtown Madison are an important element in what attracts residents and visitors to downtown Madison.  The storefront districts along State Street, and around Capitol Square, are historic in feel, and support a wide variety of retail businesses, along with a bustling bar and restaurant scene.  But the City of Madison had a growing concern about how the business mix has been changing in recent years.  There has been a decrease in the retail stores, as retail spaces are convert to additional eating and drinking establishments.


The City of Madison selected Tangible Consulting Services to create a strategy for the City to adopt that would stabilize and strengthen the retail vibrancy in downtown Madison.  In response to that direction, Tangible developed a rich information base through undertaking a) market research, b) a retail vitality assessment, and c) case studies of four comparable cities.  Tangible gathered primary information through a set of focus groups, interviews of stakeholders and local real estate professionals, and customer and business surveys that yielded over 1,200 responses.

Strategies were formulated and offered to the City and business community.  Tangible facilitated conversation to prioritize strategies, and to proactively think through the various ways that strategies might be implemented.


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